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"Hello There!
My nickname is Snappie, so glad you could stop by
I am a "BabyBoomer" and although some of these
pages may be slow loading, they will give you a
taste of my era and introduce you to other
interesting subjects I hold dear, and in keeping
with the theme each major page has a jukebox with
particular music for the subject matter at hand
So kick off your shoes, and enjoy the adventures of
the JukeBop with me.

Lets Rock-N-Roll!!!!!

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"Pretty Woman"
Roy Orbinson
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"My Girl"
[The Temptations]
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"My Guy"
[Mary Wells]
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"The Book of Love"
[The Monotones]
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"That`s My Perogative"
[Bobby Brown]
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"When A Man Loves A Woman"

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It is with great sadness that I must tell anyone who reads this that I absolutely do not recommend NetSisters Org. It has turned into something that turns my stomach and makes me wonder "What in the World Happened". It is not what it once was.

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Oldies But Goodies

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This background set is my gift from Kythera Ann(my secret sis). I just Love it.

And "Thank You



I poured my heart into this page! (and a little music too *wink*)

This page's motif was designed exclusively for this website. It is copyrigted and use of any portion of it without permission is not only unkind and unthoughtful, but illegal also.

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