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designed by Snappie

Treasures in the Attic

The attic collects our little treasures one by one.
When we have outgrown them
and their usefulness is done.

Every 6 months an attic needs a good cleaning.
and one must decide on
what is a keeper ,"
and what is just clinging

A rose pressed gently in a book of poems
Inside a beaded handbag, a set of silver combs
A porcelain doll with a painted face
Dressed all in satin with bows and old lace

On the back wall hangs a wooden sled
The headboard and rails of an old brass bed
A pair of ice skates and a large stuffed bear
And old fishing rods, all hung with care

How does one, discard memories into a pile
So, the boxes stay stacked at least for a while
Not found as bargains set out on the grass
But, up in the attic as part of my past

I stood and took one last look around
Walked to the stairs and started back down
Did something strange happen to me up there?
Before, I never recalled a smile on that bear.