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September 96 Animation

September October November  December 

Fighter aircraft U.S. army tank Hound dog hunting Girl walking
Cartoon lion Lincoln automobile Ferrari automobile Swan swimming
Jumping kagaroo Woman walking Small train P-17 aircraft
Man pointing Woman pointing Dinosaur Spining 8 ball
Reno Air prop job P51 D Aircraft Prowling cat Man walking
Small jukebox Large jukebox Dancing music Man riding bike
Trailer truck Delivery truck Red convertable Silver streak
Man rowing canoe Jeep Dancing girl Dancing guy
Silly or what? Running deer Gray hound Larger dancing guy
Taxi right Taxi left Taxi both Yellow convertable
Yellow convertable left Yellow convertable right Showgirl Stop Light
Pesky fly Business man Another dancer Crawling worm
Woman looking Man looking Stepped on bug Business woman

October 96 Animation

September October November  December 

Fishing Boat Speed Boat Sailing Ship Sailing Ship
Small Sailing Ship Tram Bus Very Old Car The Shuttle
More Sailing Ship Garbage Truck Telephones Passenger Jet
Animated tractor Plane crash into mountain Green car A forklift

November 96 Animation

September October November  December 

Flying dino Bouncing red ball Balloon Improved juke box
Big tractor A bus Small red car Pickup truck
Dino right Dino left Dino walk A goose
Old car & driver Spinning ball Flying arrow Flying thru a canyon
Larger juke box Halifax bomber Halifax bomber B36J bomber

December 96 Animation

September October November  December 

Jumping Santa Large XMAS tree Small XMAS tree Christmas bell
Santa and raindeer An idea Thumbs down Moving chain bar
Animated Jukebox icon Animated gif 1 Animated gif 2 Left spotlight
Right spotlight My spinning star Links page icon Comments icon
Lancer 16 Lancer 256 Wellington 16 Spitfire Previous
Hawkers 16 Hawkers 256 Blimp Another smiley
Packman vacuum Hot air balloon Small morph Welcome Door
Orange rolling ball Peach rolling ball Pink rolling ball Purple rolling ball
Silver ball Speckled rolling ball Striped rolling ball Pretty rolling ball
Multi color ball Yellow ball Multicolored ball Blue ball
Checkered ball Gold ball Blue glass ball Green ball

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