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This was made for those who are aquainted with that old song on the road again and their familys . M_YODA used to be an over the road Trucker and has his million mile safety award . He now drives for the postal system which gets him home everyday. We are both very happy about that. But there is always that corner of the heart that miss's the over the road enchantments.


On October 25th as Micheal was on his daily trip for Alamo mail service, he arrived in Waco Texas and suffered an Brain Bleed other wise called an aneurysm, he didn't realize what had happened he just had a bad headache and upset stomach with loose bowels. He called me and his boss. His boss called an ambulance and he was admitted into the Providence Hospital there in Waco, now this town is 4 hrs away from our home so we got there as fast as we could. Dr H.B. Hamilton met with my daughter and me and explained he had to have an operation immediately. So with great reluntance I signed the papers to do so after I had tryed to talk with Micheal first but to my dismay he was not coherient to the real world and so on October the 26th he had the operation.

He was in a drug coma for about 2 weeks to keep him still as he had tubes in his head, chest, stomach, mouth and of course the lower parts of his body. He was a cybor-mike. It was touch and go each day never knowing from min to min if he was going to make it or if he was physcially here but mentally unavailable.

Thank God he made it and we were able to bring him home Thursday November the 14th. He can now go to the bathroom by himself, feed himself, brush his teeth shave and walks around really well on his own. He is still confused and is always battling me over wanting a mind you he is very fortunate to not have emphazema or cancer and the chemical desire is no longer there, however it is linked to his old self which he is trying so hard to regain so this is not a small matter, it is quiet a problem at this time.

This is M_YODAs` candle that my BG Sisters made for me.
I wanted to have it burning brightly for his safe home comming, as he is out there 24/7 and maybe only gets home once every 3 months.
It is a symbol of a prayor for his Safety.
I always tell him to be careful and he always replys "You`ve got my promise on that".
Thanks Xena and Cookie, your my angels.
"Come up and see us sometime."

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Gallons of Gas: gal
Cost per Gallon: $
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~ Mi. per Gal.
$ per month
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